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1995 R1 @ Bebington

1996 R2 @ Sutton I 1996 R4 @ Bebington

1999 R1 @ Salford met

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Cheshire Track & Field League Information



The Cheshire T&F League Result Programme is a Microsoft Excel workbook


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Features of the programme

-Print Field Results cards, declarations & results

-Print & E-mail full results to League Secretary and webmaster

-View & Print Match statistics

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V4.2 release date 17/6/24

V4.2 as .zip file ~ 1.4MB or

V4.2 as raw excel file ~ 6MB   (Note: With this file type, when opening the file you can expect to see message 'Office File Validation detected a problem trying to open the file. Opening it may be dangerous' but you can select to open)

V4.2 as excel 2007+ .xlsm file ~ 1.8MB


Changes from Version 4.1:-

Correction to throws score


V4.1 release date 10/5/24

Changes from Version 4:-

Update to account for change to 4 scoring athletes in field events

Correction of incorrect event displayed on U17M field card and U15 results entry

Correction of duplicate club name printed on some field cards

Correction of throw event points

Update to allow entry of 0 for field events e.g. NH, NT

Correction to allow entry of NS relay club letter

Print error corrections


V4 release date 22/04/24

Changes from Version 3.64:-

Update to account for change to 4 scoring athletes in field events

Non-scoring athletes results entered on same page as scoring athletes

Timetable updated

Option to enter wind speeds for long jump added


V3.64 release date 20/7/22

Changes from Version 3.63:-

Errors corrected in result file creation

Option to add wind speed for sprint events added


V3.63 release date 20/7/22

Changes from Version 3.62:-

Errors corrected in age group validation and results file creation


V3.62 release date 9/5/22

Changes from Version 3.61:-

Updated club list

Option added to enter relay results and mark as DQ

Ability to enter U17 and senior track results together then split to appropriate page


V3.61 release date 4/9/21

Changes from Version 3.6:-

Correction to assigning officials points for teams 7 and 8

AAA standards updated


V3.6 release date 18/8/21

Changes from Version 3.5:-

Timetable selection error corrected

Errors corrected in exported results file

Default save folder changed to desktop

Update to support 64-bit version of MS office


V3.5 release date 30/4/19

Changes from Version 3.4:-

Update to allow guest teams

Club list updated 


V3.4 release date 22/8/2017

Changes from Version 3.3:-

String and position not picked up on results tab

error corrected on SM distance showing team N as NS

For field results entered on NS tab position calculated on performance


V3.3 release date 25/7/2017

Changes from Version 3.2:-

1200m added for U13W

AAA grades updated

Correction to match stats calculation


V3.2 release date 25/6/2017

Changes from Version 3.1:-

150m added for U11

Error in field card printing corrected

Error in NS corrected


V3.1 release date 21/5/2016-:-

Changes from Version 3:-

Assorted error corrections


V3 release date 5/4/2016:-

Changes from Version 2.12:-

Change to 8 scoring teams

Addition of U17 3000m

Additional NS results spaces added

Additional declaration spaces added


V2.12 release date 20/7/2015:-

Changes from Version 2.11:-

Addition of Officials sign in sheet


V2.11 release date 22/6/2014:-

Changes from Version 2.1:-

Correction of U17W event display

Field event distance validation correction

Addition of relay runner to declaration page to allow names to be picked up on results page


V2.1 release date 12/6/2014

Changes from Version 2.02:-

Correction of various errors

Validation of number entry added


V2.03 release date 9/5/2014

Changes from Version 2.02:-

Added drop down list to select Club letter

Some times corrected on timetable


V2.02 release date 8/5/2014-

Changes from Version 2.01:-

Update to import declaration file for amended declaration file

Correction to field card printing - U11 card printed in place of U13


V2.01 release date 6/5/2014

Changes from Version 2:-

Correction and update to import declaration file

U11B event times updated


V2 release date 5/5/2014

Changes from Version 1.83:-

Changes for 2014 season - U17W added, implement weights updated

Field event result entry changed to as on card

Declaration changed as athletes now have unique number

Declaration import added


V1.83 release date 12/7/2013

Changes from Version 1.82:-

Updated of AAA grade standards

Timetable updated for 2013


V1.82 release date 6/5/2013

Changes from Version 1.81:-

Updated to assign 60 officials points if all provided

Space to enter 50 additional NS declarations


V1.81 release date 5/6/2012

Changes from Version 1.8:-

Correction to field scoring when A and B string entered together


V1.8 release date 1/4/2012

Changes from Version 1.74:-

Addition of Hammer for seniors


V1.74 release date 3/8/2011

Changes from Version 1.73:-

Correction to distance race scoring to score A&B string as single race and C&D string as single race


V1.74 release date 21/6/2011

Changes from Version 1.72:-

Correction to events selection page

Code update to stop Compile error messages


V1.72 release date 8/6/2011

Changes from Version 1.71:-

Correction to names shown for throws results

Correction to 3000m number validation for men and women combined race when letter and string entered

Code update to stop Compile error messages

Correction to field event scoring with non scoring athletes


V1.71 release date 13/4/2011

Changes from Version 1.7:-

Correction to error that showed no athletes declared and stopped names showing on results entry page.


V1.7 release date 23/3/2011

Changes from Version 1.62:-

Results entry updated to allow all string athletes to be entered together (results entered as on track slip, no longer need to seperate)

Missing athlete names can be entered by selecting name cell on results entry page

Separate AW results file no longer produced - full results sent for use on P10 website

Standards updated for 2011


V1.62 release date 17/6/2010

Changes from Version 1.61:-

Additional results tab added to results file to help club statisticians


V1.61 release date 16/4/2010

Changes from Version 1.6:-

Correction to C&D distance results

Correction to results file correction to stop names being deleted


V1.6 release date 2/10/2009

Changes from Version 1.51:-

Select athlete string on distance events results entry if finishing out of order

Venue list extended


V1.51 release date 23/8/2009

Changes from Version 1.5:-

Correction to 3000m AW standard calculation

Correction to single event print range

File size reduction


V1.5 release date 3/6/2009

Changes from Version 1.42:-

Ability to enter non-scoring athletes with scoring athletes added

Ability to edit AAA Standards and AW standards added

NS results page amended to have 6 slots of events of up to 14 athletes

Cell shading removed when printing NS results

Athletics Weekly e-mail address updated

More options added to custom menu

Improvements made to result file creation in Excel 2007


V1.42 release date 5/5/2009

Changes from Version 1.41:-

AAA & AW standards updated and AAA standard added for mens 3000m


V1.41 release date 18/7/2008

Changes from Version 1.4:-

Club list updated for 2008

Additional Non-scoring declaration and results spaces


V1.4 release date 14/11/2007

Changes from Version 1.392:-

Corrected error in viewing match scores

Corrected error in viewing print option

Excel 2007 tested


V1.392 release date 14/8/2007

Changes from Version 1.391:-

Corrected error in U13M Non-scoring distance event determination

Additional spaces added to Non-scoring declaration for any club

Corrected error in e-mailing results to AW


V1.391 release date 7/6/2007

Changes from Version 1.39:-

Custom Cheshire League menu added to right mouse click pop-up menu

Corrected error in field card print link


V1.39 release date 27/4/2007

Changes from Version 1.38:-

Club List updated

Updated AAA & AW standards

Cosmetic changes


V1.38 release date 23/3/2007

Changes from Version 1.37:-

Result file score page reformatted

Additional menu options added & Ability to have 2 matches with own menu on 1 PC
Updates to accommodate Excel 2007 (Please note, programme has not yet been tested on Excel 2007)


V1.37 release date 11/11/2006

Changes from Version 1.36:-

Shading removed from team declaration pages when printed

Added Page Breaks on results file

Added total Event points (points awarded to determine match point assignment) to Match statistics

Added Option to select file save directory or use default folder (C:\Cheshire league results)


V1.36 release date 7/9/2006

Changes from Version 1.35:-

Corrected error in U17M Relay scores on Index page


V1.35 release date 28/6/2006

Changes from Version 1.34:-

Corrected error in non-scoring results page when U13M distance race is selected

Added declaration change form
Added creating result file without e-mailing


V1.34 release date 29/5/2006

Changes from Version 1.33:-

Corrected error in printing U15W jump card

Added in missing calculation of AAA grade 4 performances


V1.33 release date 7/10/2005

Changes from Version 1.32:-

Corrected error in 3000m time validation when changing from 9 to 10 minutes

Added link to index page on custom menu

Added auto save function

Updated U13G 100 AW standard


V1.32 release date 6/9/2005

Changes from Version 1.31:-

Added custom menu

Added ability to Print individual event results from entry page

Added calculation of best Male, Female, Sprint, Distance, Jump and Throw Performance based on difference from AAA G1

Added restrictions to value entries to reduce errors

Corrected name calculation on 3000m men only results


V1.31 release date 16/1/2005

Changes from Version 1.3:-

Updated AW standards for 2005


V1.3 release date 2/10/2004

Changes from Version 1.23:-

Added guest team declaration sheet

Added ability to add guests in all result entry sheets added

Added ability to add non-scoring results in main 3000m result page added

Added ability to add/subtract points added on index page

Added ability to Print Non scoring declaration sheet

Added additional NS results spaces


V1.23 release date 4/9/04

Changes from Version 1.22:-

Corrected link from index page to team declarations

Corrected field event card printing


V1.22 release date 26/6/2004

Changes from Version 1.21:-

Corrected AW standard calculation on relays

Corrected error prompt

Corrected printing of names on field cards


V1.21 release date 13/6/2004

Changes from version 1.2:-

-Updated AW standards to 1/5/2004 standards

-Errors corrected


V1.2 release date 30/5/2004

Changes from version 1.0:-

-Dropdown list added in team declaration sheets to aid entering same name several times

-Ability to record & print non-scoring athletes & events added

-Some errors corrected

-Standards updated

-Function added - Press Ctrl+Shift+S to bring up a small window with current match scores without losing position in program

-Club list updated for 2004


File types

The raw excel file requires no extraction or modification after download

The .zip files are compressed files to allow faster downloading.

.zip files can be extracted using most file compression software